Draadloze Bluetooth In-ear Oordopjes - Black

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Discover the pure sound of Silvergear's wireless in-ear earphones. Connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy your favourite music. The in-ear design allows you to fully focus on work, workout, resting and walking, and slightly reduces ambient noise. Got a call while listening? No problem, the wireless earbuds have a built-in microphone. Read more
  • Design suitable for sport
  • Built-in microphone
  • Completely wireless

Product description: Draadloze Bluetooth In-ear Oordopjes

Thanks to the in-ear design, you can fully concentrate on your work, your workout, your rest breaks and your walks, while ambient noise is gently reduced.

Bluetooth in-ear headphones with wireless operation

The in-ear earphones can be controlled completely wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth. The earphones each have a button with which you can perform various actions. With one press of the button, you can pause or play the music, and if you hold the button down longer, you can skip to the next track. When you receive a call, you can answer it with the button on the earphones, and hanging up or rejecting a call works the same way. So you never have to take your phone out of your pocket and have your hands free. The earphones connect in seconds so you can enjoy your music, podcasts or audio books. The 5.0 Bluetooth function ensures a strong connection.

Charge the In Ears wirelessly

When you play music at 20% volume, the battery lasts no less than 6 hours. At 50% volume, that's 3.5 hours. Charging is easy by placing the earphones in the included wireless charging case. The case itself can be recharged via the USB cable, which is also included. Also practical: once you have connected your earphones to a device, this happens automatically the next time. This way you have to do as little as possible.

In the box: 

  • 1x Silvergear Wireless Earbuds
  • 1x Charging box
  • 1x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Product specifications

Article code
Yes; version 5.0
SNR value
Frequency response
Wireless frequency
5V 45mA (earbuds)
5V 250mA (charging box)
35 x 15 x 15 mm (charging box)
Li-polymer 45mAH (earbuds)
Li-polymer 250mAH (charging box)
Charging time
1,5 hours
Listening time
3,5 hours (with 50% volume), till 6 hours (with 20% volume)

Frequently asked questions about Draadloze Bluetooth In-ear Oordopjes

Charging the charging box: Connect the included micro USB charging cable to the charging box and to a power station. The blue LED of the charging box flashes during charging and all four blue LEDs light up when fully charged.

Charging earphones: Place the earphones in the charging box and they will automatically switch to charging mode. The red LED of the earbuds lights up while charging. The red light turns off when fully charged.

When the battery is almost empty, an indication sound sounds with the message "Please Charge". After 3 indications, the red LED flashes 3 times and an indication sound is heard saying "Power off". The earphones turn off automatically

Play/pause music: While playing music, press the control button to play or pause the music.

Next song: While the music is playing, press and hold the control button for 1.5 seconds to skip to the next song (note: pressing the button for 3 seconds will turn off the earphones).

Answer a call: when a call comes in, press the control button to answer.

Decline a call: press and hold the control button for 1.5 seconds to decline a call (note: pressing the button for 3 seconds will disable the earphones).

Ending a call: During a phone call, press the control button to end the call.

Last number dialed: Press the control button twice quickly to call the last phone number from the call history of your mobile phone.

After connecting to the device for the first time, the earbuds are automatically connected to the device when they are turned on. Earbuds automatically turn off if no Bluetooth connection is established after three minutes.

Once the two earbuds are connected, open the Bluetooth settings on your device and click on "Silvergear Earbuds" to connect. An indication sound will be heard saying "Connected" when the earbuds connect to the device. After the Bluetooth connection is successfully established, the indicator light of the earbuds is turned off. Now they are ready for use.

After the two earbuds are paired together but before they establish a Bluetooth connection to the device, you can press the On/Off button on the lead earbud to prevent the two earbuds from pairing. Then press one earbud to make it the lead earbud.

  • Remove the two earplugs from the charging box and the earplugs are automatically switched on.
  • When the earplugs are switched on, an indication sound is heard with the text: "Power on". The indicator light of the earplugs then flashes red and blue alternately.

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This product is rated with a 8,5

8,5 4 Reviews
    • Prima

      "Goede kwaliteit"

      Mink - 09-10-2022

    • Prima geluid!

      "Mooi helder geluid, geen ruis op de achtergrond etc. Het is wel alleen even wennen dat het in de oren zit. Handig dat het je niet geheel wordt afgesloten van het geluid rondom i.v.m. uitkijken in het verkeer enzo."

      Chantal - 12-06-2022

    • Prima oordopjes

      "Zit prima in de oren en werkt goed"

      F - 14-05-2021

    • prima oortjes

      "voor de prijs zijn dit prima oortjes. makkelijk te koppelen en de geluidskwaliteit is zeer acceptabel. bij mij is de luistertijd ongeveer 3 uur afhankelijk van het volume dat je gebruikt. opladen ook prima in het bijgeleverde doosje. niks mis mee! overigens zeer vlotte bestelprocedure en levering! aanrader wat mij betreft"

      leon - 24-02-2021

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Draadloze Bluetooth In-ear Oordopjes - Black


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