Red Light Therapy Lamp

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Do you want to give your skin an extra boost and reduce wrinkles? Or do you suffer from muscle pain, back pain, joint pain, fatigue, stress or lack of energy? Then the Silvergear Red Light Therapy Lamp is the answer! This super-strong lamp gives an effect deep into the skin, quickly relieving your problems. Read more
  • Red light therapy at home for beauty and health
  • For skin improvement, muscle recovery and pain relief
  • Improves blood circulation
  • In just 10 minutes a day
  • With tripod and handy table clamp

Product description: Red Light Therapy Lamp

With this strong Red Light Therapy Lamp, you fight annoying ailments such as skin problems, back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stress and fatigue. Thanks to the tripod and table clamp, you easily attach the lamp to a table or desk, so you can point it wherever you want and let it do its work.

Benefits of a Red Light Therapy Lamp:

Red light therapy is ideal for your skin, muscles and overall health. You can soon notice these 10 benefits if you use the lamp for just 10 minutes daily:

  1. Improving blood circulation
  2. Reducing wrinkles
  3. Increasing production of collagen
  4. Supporting cell repair
  5. Relief of muscle and joint pain
  6. Improvement of your immune system
  7. Improving sleep quality
  8. Stimulate the healing process
  9. Strengthen your immune system
  10. Relieve mood complaints

2 wavelengths for a dual effect: beauty and health

With a special dual LED chip of 660 nanometres(nm) and 850nm, this red light therapy lamp has a dual effect.

Skin rejuvenation and skin improvement

660nm, red light: Red light penetrates up to 2 cm into the body, thereby reaching all skin layers. It stimulates skin repair, collagen production and faster wound healing.

Red light therapy is therefore also very helpful for people with skin conditions or for those who want to prevent and reduce wrinkles!

Muscle repair, pain relief and reducing inflammation

850nm, near infrared: Infrared light is heat energy. We cannot see it ourselves with our eyes, but it emits heat that we can feel!

This wavelength penetrates down to the bones, bringing a lot of other benefits. Think muscle recovery, inflammation and pain inhibition.

Luckily, you can now bring the powerful effects of light therapy into your home with the Silvergear Red Light Therapy Lamp!

Product specifications

Article code
362 grams
Aluminium, glass
50,000 hours
Flexible arm: 45 cm
Woman uses red light therapy lamp for muscle recovery and skin improvement

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy helps improve energy production in the cells of your body. Increased energy production helps improve blood circulation, speed up recovery and reduce inflammation and pain!

It works like this: when the red light reaches the cells in your body, it stimulates the organelles (which are the parts of body cells) in each cell that produce energy, to make a substance called ATP.

So ATP is also the substance that provides us with energy, so it is also very important that we make enough of it every day.

Cover lengths of the Silvergear Red Light Therapy Lamp

Red light therapy with 660nm & 850nm wavelengths

Together, these two wavelengths give the best results from the entire red light spectrum, are scientifically proven and have been used for decades.

However, red light therapy lamps were always far too expensive to purchase for personal use. Until now!

Red light therapy lamp with tripod and table clamp

Convenient design thanks to table clamp

The lamp is designed to treat your body - think neck, wrists and knees - as well as your face for skin rejuvenation through cell renewal and collagen production.

Attached to the lamp is a table clamp that allows you to clamp the red light lamp on any table or desk.

In addition, the red light lamp also has a flexible arm that makes it easily bendable and allows you to easily adjust it to the area to be treated.

Components of the red light therapy lamp

In the package

  • Silvergear Red Light Therapy Lamp
  • Table clamp with flexible arm
  • Protective glasses
  • Manual

Frequently asked questions about Red Light Therapy Lamp

Keep the lamp 20 cm away for best results! The more distance the lamp is from your skin surface, the lower the light intensity.

Try to use the lamp for around 10 minutes at a time. Do not use the lamp for more than 15 minutes at a time, as this will result in drying out the skin. Also remember to lubricate yourself well after use!

Effects for skin complaints can be seen after a few weeks of using the Lamp. Muscle recovery is extremely fast, you will notice results within a few days!

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This product is rated with a 9,5

9,5 2 Reviews
    • Praktisch im Einsatz

      "Das Licht ist schnell angeschlossen und lässt sich auch gut positionieren. Es kribbelt nachdem Behandlung und ich denke es wirkt."

      Carmen - 27-04-2024

    • Super alternatief voor de dure rood licht therapie huidmaskers

      "Ik gebruik 'm voor huidverbetering en ik zie nu na een maand echt al veel verschil! Mijn vriend vind het trouwens ook een fijne lamp, die gebruikt 'm na het sporten. Verzending was ook snel, al binnen één dag in huis."

      Jojanneke - 01-06-2023

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Red Light Therapy Lamp

Recommended price 54,99
Recommended price 54,99

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