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Portable Neck Fan - White

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Colour: White
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Bring the breeze with you with this Portable Neck Fan! This comfortable neck gadget is the perfect solution for those days where the sun is trying to melting you down. The 2 fans are adjustable and can be rotated in any direction where you could use a little cooling breeze. Stay comfortable while working in the office, cutting grass, watching TV or traveling to that destination you cannot wait to visit! Read more
  • Lightweight Portable Neck Fan
  • Rechargeable
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Handsfree
  • 360° rotation

Product description: Portable Neck Fan

Sitting in front of the fan all summer really limits all of the things you could be doing. And bringing that bulky fan anywhere with you will probably get you some weird looks as you are trying to plug it in. This Portable Neck Fan will cool you down wherever you go! Whether that would be the office, or that long awaited vacation to Ibiza! Set the fans on 1 of the 3 speeds and go outside, do some or keep your cool at the airport.

Melting popsicles

Every year during the summer, it just feels like the sun is trying to melt you like a popsicle, and every summer is getting hotter and hotter. It is the season to go outside and do all the fun things whether that would be going to the beach, enjoying an iced tea on the terrace or standing in the queue all day in that theme park with the most amazing rides.

High temperatures can really mess with your mood during these activities. Getting tired much faster and a sweat bath that obviously is not the swimming pool you were waiting for. Hot weather can be so hindering that the Dutch turned complaining about any temperature over 15°C into a national sport!

Where could you use a Neck Fan?

  • At the office where you have that 1 colleague that always sets the thermostat way too high.
  • Cool down at that picnic you planned with your friends.
  • The terrace when gulping down your drink to cool down seems a bit out of your budget.
  • At the airport where you would rather avoid the temperature of your summer destination.
  • Anywhere in your house where your fan does not reach.
  • During gardening on a hot summer day.
  • At that awesome music festival, where cooling down is not one of the dance moves you have been practicing in front of the mirror.

Battery and indicator light

The Portable Neck Fan is powered by a battery that can last up to 8 hours on the lowest fan speed. The battery can be recharged with the help of a micro-USB cable, just insert the cable into a plug, powerbank or even your laptop, ideal for traveling or festivals!

The Portable Neck Fan has an indicator light next to the on button which will show you:

  • Flashing red: the battery is almost empty.
  • Red: the battery is charging.
  • Blue: the battery has fully charged.
  • Flashing blue: the product is on.

With this indicator light you will have no surprises, and know exactly what the status of your neck fan is.

360° rotation

There are 2 fans connected to the comfortable neck frame. You can set both fans to your desired position via the flexible arms. with 360° rotation, you can position the fans to blow the air in whichever direction you like!

3 fan speeds

The Portable Neck Fan has 3 fan speeds:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

Set the fan on low speed and enjoy that nice and calm sea breeze or skip the siesta by staying cool in Spanish temperatures on high fan speed! The 3 fan speeds allow you to control the temperature exactly as you want it.

In the package

  • Portable Neck Fan
  • USB charging cable

Product specifications

Article code
15327 - White
30 x 19 x 3 cm
180 gram
Micro USB cable included for charging
Working time
8 uur
ABS, Silicone

Frequently asked questions about Portable Neck Fan

Yes! You charge the Neck Fan with a Micro-USB, which means you can also use the charging cable from your speaker, powerbank, etc.

The fans are surprisingly powerful for their size. High speed setting will blow your expectations away!

Yes! you can charge the portable neck fan with any charger (phone charger, powerbank, laptop) as long as it has a USB outlet.

Be careful with long strands of hair as they can be sucked up and get stuck in the fan blades. Our advice, put your long hair up or in a ponytail.

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Portable Neck Fan - White


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