Smart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with AppSmart Body Measuring Tape with App

Smart Body Measuring Tape with App

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Get a full picture of your body measurements with this smart tape measure. This measuring tool gives you insight in for example the circumference of your belly, biceps or hips. Data is stored directly in the accompanying Fitdays app, so you can keep track of your progress. Handy if you want to lose weight, build muscle mass or for during your pregnancy. Read more
  • Smart tape measure for measuring body dimensions
  • Suitable for e.g. biceps, abdomen, hips or legs
  • Data is sent directly to the Fitdays app
  • Sizes are easy to read on clear screen

Product description: Smart Body Measuring Tape with App

Smart tape measure for measuring the circumference of various body parts.

Track progress

Are you trying to lose weight or do you need to gain it? Are you in the middle of a sports program and want to know how much muscle mass you are gaining each month? Then it's nice to be able to accurately track your progress. This smart tape measure is specially designed for measuring body dimensions. The tape has a flexible roll system that you can easily pull around your body to take an accurate measurement.

So, for example, you can keep track of whether the muscles in your biceps are growing, what the width of your hips is and whether you have already trimmed some fat from your belly. Even if you are pregnant, this tape measure is a great tool to keep track of your belly growth.

How to use the Smart Measuring Tape

1. Link the Fitdays app on your phone to the tape measure
2. Use the 'M' button to set the tape to inches or centimetres
3. Roll the tape around the body part you want to measure and click the tape in place
4. Press 'M' for an accurate measurement
5. Read the result on the display
6. See the result in the Fitdays app and save if you want.

Combine with smart scale

This smart measuring tape is ideal to combine with the Smart Scales. The scale actually carries out all the body measurements you want, except for external measurements about the size of your body parts. Scales tell you more about what's going on inside your body.

And that is where this tape measure comes in handy! If a scale tells you that you have lost weight, it is fun to use the tape measure to find out if it is, for example, because the fat on your hips has shrunk. Even if you don't want to lose weight and are happy with your belly or hips, whatever shape they are, it's fun to measure and keep track of your body shape. It's a great way to get to know your body!

The smart tape measure runs on a battery (not included).

In the box

  • Smart Measuring Tape
  • Manual

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Frequently asked questions about Smart Body Measuring Tape with App

With the Fitdays app, the same app as the Silvergear scales!

In both centimetres and inches. Press the ''m'' key to switch between the units.

Each body part can easily be added by the user. The smart body tape measures the dimensions of the following body parts as standard:HeadNeckShoulderLeft armRight armWaistHipLeft thighRight thighLeft calfRight calf

Click on your accountGo to device and select "icomon".Then choose "Go to measurement".Scroll down to "Self-defined map".Click on ''Add selected part'' and give your body part a name and click on confirm

Press the ''M'' button briefly.

Go to overviewSelect ''Circumference'' at top

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Smart Body Measuring Tape with App




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