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Smart plug Wi-Fi with consumption meter 16A - 1 piece

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Preventing energy waste and knowing the consumption costs of your appliances? This smart plug with integrated energy meter measures the power consumption of each appliance. This way, you make your energy consumption transparent and quickly discover the pain points in your home. What's more, you also make all your appliances smart! Control your lamps and other devices from the comfort of your armchair via voice control or the app. Read more
  • Turn any device into a 'smart' device
  • Measure your energy consumption per device
  • Control devices via the Smart Life app
  • With voice control and timer
  • Can be plugged into any (Dutch) wall socket

Product description: Smart plug Wi-Fi with consumption meter 16A

This smart plug features a handy usage meter, works with the free accompanying app Tuya Smart, has voice controls and is equipped with a timer. Sitting in your easy chair, but would love to have the lamp in the corner on? Just stay put and give the accompanying plug a voice command!

All the functions of the smart plug

The smart plug works together with the Tuya Smart app. Through this app, it is possible to control devices and set different scenarios. You connect to the smart plugs by connecting them via WiFi. The possibilities are then endless. We give some examples:

  1. Be woken up by the radio: use the Tuya Smart app to set that you want to be woken up by the radio at sunrise or at another specific time.
  2. Lights on in the house at 19:30? Set a timer and switch the light on automatically. Or switch the light off around bedtime, of course, you can do that too!
  3. Use voice controls to your advantage! Pair Siri, Google Home or Amazon Alexa and use voice commands to turn devices on or off.
  4. When you leave the house, the app will automatically switch off the desired devices. If you are within 100 metres of the house, the app can also switch these devices back on.
  5. For example, when the outside temperature drops below 14° degrees, you can have the heating switched on. When the temperature in the bedroom rises above 20°, turn on the fan.

The app is user-friendly and is easy to link with other devices. For instance, you can create 'Rooms', with this you switch on or off all devices in one room with one action.

Measure the consumption of your appliances with a smart plug

Which device in your home consumes the most power? With our smart plug that includes a energy meter, you can quickly discover the energy guzzlers that cause your household's big fat power bill every month. The plug sends the power consumption of each connected device to the Tuya Smart app on your phone. That way, you quickly know which appliances are better to switch off earlier and not leave on standby. Via the app, you turn off the device - even remotely. Handy!

App for the smart plug: Tuya Smart

With the free app Tuya Smart, you are able to make all devices in your home smart. With the app, you manage and add different devices in one environment.

  • Electricity (sockets, switches)
  • Lighting (smart bulbs)
  • Large household appliances (air conditioner, fridge, washing machine)
  • Small household (fans, curtains, smart hoover)
  • Kitchen appliances (coffee maker, microwave, blender, dishwasher)
  • Security sensor (smart door handle, alarm, smoke detector, camera)
  • Health (massage chair, smart bed, scales)

Want to switch to a Smart Home? Check out our starter kits of six or nine Smart Plugs.

More information on how to make your home smart? Check out our smart home blog here.

In the box

  • Silvergear Smart plug
  • Manual


Silvergear smart plugs
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Product specifications

Article code
Works with WiFi router (2.4 GHz)
AC 110-230V
Maximum load
16A 3680W
0,5 W
Smart plug Wi-Fi with consumption meter 16A - 1 piece

What does Saar think?

"The smart plug is the ideal way to make your home smart. You can't think of anything else and the electronic device of your choice will be smart in no time.

Connecting is super easy, just plug it in and connect with the Smart life app. I have tested them with a number of different devices and I really liked it. Of course with a couple of lamps, it just works very well. You can go to bed and when you're in bed you can switch them off with one push on your device. I also worked a lot at home and had some problems with my internet. Smart plug in and you never have to walk to reset it, ideal! Still in doubt? Then also read the reviews of our customers below."

Pro Tip:

Do you have a high energy bill? Put this smart plug with energy consumption monitor between your appliances and track which one uses the most energy. Perhaps it is more economical to use that device differently or to replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

Frequently asked questions about Smart plug Wi-Fi with consumption meter 16A

Unfortunately, it is not possible to dim the lights via the smart plugs. However, this is possible with the smart bulbs

No, the smart plug does not work with pinning. The design of the plug is not suitable for connection to sockets with pinning.

To use silvergear's smart plug, the free app Tuya Smart Life needs to be downloaded. This app is completely free and available in the Apple and Google Play store.

Creating a smart home can be quite simple. Do you have existing lights you want to control from the app, or do you want to automate even more? You can do that with a smart plug. This plug is inserted into the socket and done. By plugging the appliance into the smart plug, it is fully controllable.

A smart home is the connection between different devices that can be managed via a device or application. These 'smart' devices include smart lights, heating, security camera and more. This makes it possible to remotely manage all devices via the app on the smartphone.

No, that is not necessary to create a smart home. Don't know what a hub or gateway is? No problem! A hub or gateway is a 'way station' to link devices together. This hub is linked to the internet and often creates unnecessary extra operations. This smart plug is readily available via the free app.

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Smart plug Wi-Fi with consumption meter 16A - 1 piece

Recommended price 34,99
Recommended price 34,99

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