Smart Water Fountain for Cats and DogsSmart Water Fountain for Cats and DogsSmart Water Fountain for Cats and DogsSmart Water Fountain for Cats and DogsSmart Water Fountain for Cats and DogsSmart Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

Smart Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

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Automatic water dispenser for your pet. With water filter and UV-disinfection, so you only need to change the water bowl once a week. The dispenser provides your pet continuous automatic drinking water and you operate it via the app on your phone. Read more
  • Water dispenser that can be operated via app
  • Continuously flowing water, thus bacteria-free and oxygen-rich
  • With water filter and UV disinfection
  • 2-litre water tank

Product description: Smart Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

Automatic water dispenser for cats and small dogs.

Constant drinking water for cats and dogs

Your cat's or dog's water bowl should be refreshed every day. You want to provide your pet with clean drinking water all the time. It's not a disaster if you forget for a day or if you are away for the night, but it's nicer if you don't have to worry about it. This automatic water dispenser for pets takes that task off your hands.

The dispenser provides a constant supply of clean, oxygenated water. You connect it to your phone or tablet via WiFi. You can then switch it on or off remotely. You will also receive a notification when the water is nearly empty or when you need to replace the water filter.

The functionalities of the water feeder:

  • Automatic water supply and constant circulation
  • Water filter and UV disinfection for clean water.
  • Can be operated via the app on the phone or tablet
  • Noiseless, energy-efficient and with a 2-litre reservoir
  • Healthy drinking water

This automatic water dispenser ensures that your pet stays healthy. Thanks to the continuous water circulation, the water is oxygenated and remains crystal clear. Dirt, bacteria and chlorine are filtered out, so you won't have to deal with unpleasant odours caused by stagnant water.

In addition, the dispenser softens the water. Metals, calcium, magnesium and ions are removed. So your cat or dog gets the purest, cleanest drinking water you can imagine. The dispenser works on electricity and is supplied with a 2-metre power cable. Our advice is to change the water filter every 15-30 days, depending on how much you use it.

In the box

  • Automatic water dispenser
  • Power cable
  • Instructions for use




Product specifications

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1.3 kg
2 Liter
Maximum power
51,5 x 40 x 37,3 cm

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Smart Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs



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