Connecting all your devices over Wi-Fi is incredibly practical, but it also makes you vulnerable to hackers. If you are digitally broken into, criminals can access your smart home security camera, steal your private data or take over your devices. With software updates of the smart devices, you can prevent this from happening.

Risks of outdated smart device software

Cyber criminals are deliberately looking for smart devices with outdated software. Obsolete software makes hacking easier. A vulnerable network is a second point that makes you an easy target for cyber criminals. Because once you access one device, you access the home network of other devices.

One consequence is that your device becomes part of a bot network. This is a way of committing large-scale internet attacks, such as shutting down large websites.

How to update smart devices

  • Look for updates specific to your device.
  • You can do this by searching for the make, model or model number (found on the box, bottom of the device or battery door).
  • It's also often possible to turn on automatic updates.
Image Updating Smart Home software: prevent digital burglary

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