Thank you for purchasing our Lasergun projection game! This blog provides instructions on how to use the projection game effectively. This will make it even easier to start playing quickly!

Laser Gun Game Set with Projector Game
Getting started with the Laser Gun Game Set


1. Insert batteries

Both the laser guns and the projector run on batteries (not supplied). Make sure you only use standard 1.5V AA LR6 batteries. Pay close attention to the polarity of the batteries when inserting them. Close the cover of the holder.

Getting started with the Laser Gun Game Set


2. Positioning the projector

To guarantee an awesome Laser Gun Game, place the projector on an elevation about 70-90 cm from the floor. Then pick the perfect wall to play the game on, preferably a flat white wall. And position the projector with elevation about 110-130 cm away from the wall.



Getting started with the Laser Gun Game Set


3. Insert projection card

Select and insert a projection card at the top of the projector. Make sure you insert it properly into the slot.

Note: Have you finished playing? Then remove the projection cards safely by holding down the button before pulling them out. If you remove a card during play, the system goes into standby.

Getting started with the Laser Gun Game Set


4. Switching on and adjusting the projector

Turn on the projector using the power switch.

You will hear the voice prompt 'Please start adjusting the focal length'. Turn and slightly pull out each projection lens until the image is clear.

Note: If you do not adjust the projection lens within 20 seconds, turn off the projector and start the process again.

Getting started with the Laser Gun Game Set


5. Switch on and set up laser guns

Next, switch on one or both laser guns. The life indicator lights [colour] to indicate that the laser gun is ready for use.

The Countdown will follow shortly afterwards, so make sure you're ready!

You will be assigned to team Blue by default. Are you part of another team? Then use the Team button on your laser gun to change your team colour. A voice prompt further names which team you are in.

Getting started with the Laser Gun Game Set


6. Setting shooting mode

The laser gun is equipped with 4 shooting modes. The default mode is Single shot where you get 12 bullets and lose one life for every hit counter shot. Would you rather try a different Shooting mode? Then press the Type button on your laser gun and easily switch between the following four settings:

Single shot: 12 bullets, lose 1 life with every hit

Shot gun: 6 bullets, lose 2 lives for every hit

Machine gun: 6 bullets, lose 2 lives for every hit

Bazooka: 1 missile, lose 3 lives on each hit


Now you're ready to play!


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