Smart plugs are an easy way to automate your home appliances and save energy. With just a few taps on your smartphone or via a voice command, this handy intermediate plug switches all connected appliances on or off. Super handy, of course!

But to get even more out of your plugs, you can also set timetables. This way, you save more energy, which is good for your wallet.

Some examples when you might want to use a timetable

  1. Turn on your coffee maker at 7am, this way you will enjoy delicious freshly brewed coffee as soon as you wake up.
  2. Turn off the lights when you go to bed late at night.
  3. Turn on your air purifier automatically in the evening. That way you will always sleep in a fresh and comfortable bedroom.
  4. Use a schedule for your lights during holidays. You are less likely to be burgled if it looks like someone is at home.

How to set a time schedule

Setting a time schedule for your smart plugs is actually quite simple. First, you download and install the Smart Life app and pair the smart plug(s) with your phone. After pairing, follow the following steps to set a time schedule:

How to: Set timetable on your Smart Plug via the App.

Step 1

Open the Smart Life app. Under the 'Home button' you will find all your installed smart plugs .

Click on the plug where you want to set a time schedule.

How to: Set timetable on your Smart Plug via the App.

Step 2

In the lower tab menu, click on the 'Timer' button.

How to: Set timetable on your Smart Plug via the App.

Step 3

In the schedule screen, click 'Add Schedule' at the bottom.

How to: Set timetable on your Smart Plug via the App.

Step 4

Now set the time you want the smart plug to turn on. Then select which days you want to activate this schedule and whether the device should be on or off at that time. In this case, set 'Switch 1' to 'ON'.

How to: Set timetable on your Smart Plug via the App.

Step 5

You have now set the plug to 'on'. Now create a new schedule for the plug so that it also turns off at a certain time. Repeat step 4, but choose a different time and now set 'Switch 1' to 'OFF'.

You have now successfully set a schedule! Wondering how to set even more smart schedules for your smart plug? Then subscribe to our newsletter, and you will regularly receive smart tips on using the smart plug.

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