With smart lighting you can save energy, control your lights with ease and create atmosphere in your home. In this blog we will tell you everything about how smart lamps work and the many advantages of smart lamps.

The benefits of smart lighting

1. Energy saving

The purchase price of a smart bulb is higher than that of a normal bulb, but in the long run you'll save money. A smart bulb is namely more economical in use than a "normal" energy saving bulb.

2. Everything in one place

You can call it laziness, but we call it convenience. Because you can manage all your lighting in the house from the couch and from one device.

3. Atmosphere

By using the different colours of lighting, you can personalise your home and create a unique effect for each setting.

4. Safety

You can set timers on the smart lights so that at random times the lights go on and off. This makes it look like you are at home, which keeps burglars out.

The functions of smart lighting

Controlling Smart Lighting from a distance

First of all, the most obvious function. You can remotely switch on and off and dim all lights via a device. You no longer have to go to every corner of the room to turn on every lamp. One app, one configuration and you're done. Also, are you forgetful or suffering from a touch of OCD? Then you can always check your app on the go to make sure you've turned off all the lights at home.

Smart pairing

You can make your smart lighting even smarter by linking it to other smart devices in your home. An example: link your smart lighting to the smart smoke detector. When smoke is detected by both devices you can set the lights to switch on with the right light intensity.

Wake up light

The great thing about smart lighting is that you can work with timers via the app. You can use this in different scenarios. You no longer have to spend dozens of euros on a wake-up light, because you can very simply imitate this effect with smart lights. Set the timer to the time you want to be woken up and let the light shine brighter and brighter to create a sunrise effect. Of course, you can also do this the other way round to create a sunset effect when you go to sleep.

Types of smart lights

Actually, almost all types of lamps that you can think of can be found in a smart form. In addition to fittings, you can also get strips, panels and light fittings in sleek designs in smart form. But of course also smart lighting for outdoors. Spotlights, lanterns, path lighting... This way you can control your lighting inside and outside your home.

Silvergear smart lighting

A smart home starts at Silvergear. With our WiFi Led lamps, you can easily provide your home with all the conveniences of smart lighting. Group the lights and with one push on the button (or command) you can turn on your perfect setting. With the Smart Life app, you can set up your smart lighting just the way you want it. So you have the management of the lighting inside and outside the house in one place.

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