Smart lamps is a good introduction to making your home smarter. You can easily control the smart lighting with your smartphone or tablet. Via an app, the lighting can also be linked to other smart devices such as a Google Home. In this way, you can control the smart LED lights with speech assistance. But what can you do with a smart bulb? We've listed everything you need to know about smart lighting.

Why switch to smart lighting?

The great thing about smart bulbs is that you can work with timers via the app. You can use this in various scenarios. Set the timer to the time you want to be woken up and let the light shine brighter and brighter to create a sunrise effect. Of course, you can do the same for the sunset effect when you go to sleep.

Controlling Smart Lighting from a distance

First, the most obvious function. You can remotely switch on and off and dim all the lights via a device. You no longer have to go to every corner of the room to turn on lights. One app, one configuration and you're done. In addition,if you are forgetful or simply want to be safe, you can always check in your app on the go whether you have switched off all the lights at home.

Smart pairing

You can make your smart lighting even smarter by linking it to other smart devices in your home. An example: link your smart lighting to the smart smoke detector. When smoke is detected by the smoke detector you can set the lights to switch on with the right light intensity.

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