We can finally start believing in it again: after a long corona period, nothing will stop us from going on holiday without a care in the world! And if you do it, you should do it well. Therefore, we have collected six essential travel gadgets in this blog that should not be missing in any suitcase!

Whether you're going abroad or staying in the Netherlands, whether you're a sun worshipper or prefer to hike in the cool forests, and whether you're flying or road tripping: you'll give your holiday that little extra with the right gadgets. Check out our six favourites below!

1. Bluetooth keyboard with tablet holder

Okay, you go on holiday for your rest, but say honestly: when a new episode of your favourite show comes out, you don't want to miss it, do you? This Bluetooth keyboard has a handy stand for your phone or tablet, so you can watch TV and series at the pool or by the tent. Also handy if you do want to answer some work email (not too often!) or send a travelogue to your mum. This keyboard is lightweight and so compact that you can easily fit it in your luggage.

2. Dash cam  

You know what they say: the holiday starts when you get into your car on the way to your destination! How cool is it to be able to film your road trip without having to fiddle around with a camera yourself? You simply attach this dash cam to your dashboard, after which the camera with integrated microphone can automatically record videos. A great road movie will be made in no time!

3. Pocket photo printer

The ideal travel gadget for instant tangible memories. You can take this pocket photo printer with you anywhere in your pocket, backpack or handbag. Did you take fun photos with your phone during your city trip with friends? Or are you at the campsite in the evening scrolling through the photos you took of your children on the beach? Then print them out right away, so you have the memories in your hands! You send the photos from your phone to the pocket photo printer and within a few seconds you have a print in your hands. Nice to hang up in your hotel room or caravan, so you can enjoy them right away!

4. Noise cancelling Earplugs

Completely shut out your surroundings with these Bluetooth noise cancelling in-ear earphones. Really enjoy your music, audiobook or podcast with this high quality audio gear. Are you spending a long time in the passenger seat on your way to your destination? Or maybe you have a train journey planned across Europe? Or do you like to really isolate yourself from your surroundings at the pool or on the beach? Put these earplugs in your ears and you will hear nothing but your own playlist. Have a nice relaxing time!

5. Retro Pocket Game Computer

Relive the old times with this Retro Pocket Games Computer! Will you give it to your kids to play on the backseat while travelling? Or would you rather keep it for yourself to play games during your holiday? This game computer contains no less than 150 nostalgic games from the 80s and 90s and offers hours of fun.

6. Mobile Stabilizer Gimbal 

Enjoy your own aftermovie after the holiday thanks to this mobile gimbal stabiliser. This gadget is ideal for making shock-free videos with your smartphone. You attach your phone to the holder and thanks to the electric motors in the rotating axes, the image remains stable and shock-free, despite unexpected movements and vibrations. Includes built-in power bank and accompanying app with, for example, face recognition and tracking.

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