CO2 Indoor Air Quality Meter

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Air quality meter with CO2 indicator. Thanks to this innovative device, you can monitor the air quality in your home from minute to minute, ensuring a healthy living environment. The air quality meter provides insight into the CO2 values, humidity and temperature. Is the air quality not good? Then you'll be notified immediately. Read more
  • Air quality meter for indoor use
  • Provides insight into CO² values, humidity and temperature
  • Ensures a healthy living environment
  • Gives immediate notification of poor air quality

Product description: CO2 Indoor Air Quality Meter

How healthy is the quality of the air inside your home? This air quality meter provides insight into CO² values, air humidity and temperature. For a healthy living environment in your home.

What is the ideal air quality?

If the air quality in your home is not good, it can have negative effects on your health. You may have noticed it at one time or another: a sudden headache, persistent fatigue, loss of concentration or a groggy feeling. What do you usually do then? You open a window. A breath of fresh air! This need for fresh oxygen is a signal from the body. So it means that the air quality in your home is insufficient. But when is the air quality ideal?

Air quality depends on:

  • Indoor temperature
  • Air humidity
  • CO² values
  • Ventilation

An ideal indoor climate has...

A temperature between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. The air humidity is ideally between 40 and 60 percent. The CO2 content in the air is ideally up to 1000 ppm. The colour indicator on the display will then show green. Above 1000 the colour will turn orange, meaning that it is best to ventilate. From a value of 2000 ppm onwards, the air quality is very poor and hazardous to health. The meter will then show red.

What can you measure with the air quality meter?

That's good: you can read all the above values from this air quality meter. This handy device has a bright LED screen that indicates CO2 levels in the home using colour indications. Green is good, orange is medium, red is bad. In addition, the screen continuously displays the air humidity percentage and you can read off the indoor temperature.

This CO2 meter for the home

  • Is wireless
  • Gives a warning signal when you need to ventilate
  • Works with colour indications for insight into CO2 values
  • Has integrated and adjustable LED lighting
  • Is USB rechargeable

What to do in case of poor air quality?

If the air quality in your home is poor, this air quality meter will give you a warning signal. This signal can also be turned off if desired. What to do after a signal? Poor air quality can have two causes: CO2 values have risen too high, or the air is too dry or too humid.

Bad CO2 values

If the CO2 values on the air quality meter are 'in the orange', the signal is clear: ventilate. Open a window and use ventilation grilles. This is because excessively high CO2 values are a sign that the air is polluted with, among other things, particulate matter and other small airborne particles. More oxygen supply is then important.

Also ideal: our air cleaner that filters the air for you automatically.

Wrong humidity

When humidity is too high , you can use an air conditioner, ventilator or moisture absorber to reduce it. If the humidity is too low, you can open the windows or use a humidifier.

In the box

  • Air quality meter
  • USB charger
  • Manual


Product specifications

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Rechargeable with USB cable

Frequently asked questions about CO2 Indoor Air Quality Meter

The Co² meter measures the Co² level, but also temperature and humidity.

  1. Make sure the device is on
  2. Keep the button with the down arrow pressed down for at least 8 seconds
  3. The buzzer will now beep once and the CO2 values will start to flash
  4. CO2 calibration completes automatically after 5 minutes of blinking

Briefly press the down arrow button to cancel the calibration if necessary.

Alarm on: Press and hold the right-hand button with the up arrow for at least 2 seconds while the unit is on. The alarm icon in the top left corner of the screen will light up after a "beep" sound.

Alarm off: Press and hold the right-hand button with the up arrow for at least 2 seconds while the unit is switched on. The alarm icon in the upper left corner of the screen will disappear after a "beep" sound.

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2942 Reviews

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8,9 7 Reviews
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CO2 Indoor Air Quality Meter


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