Thermometer and Hygrometer with Alarm Clock

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Wake up feeling great every morning with the Silvergear Thermo and Hygrometer. This unique alarm clock not only wakes you up on time, but also gives you instant information about the current temperature and humidity in your bedroom. This helps you to better decide what to wear that day, just based on the comfort level of your immediate environment. Now that really is two birds with one stone! Or maybe better two birds with one hit of Snooze. Read more
  • Never wake up late again
  • Instantly check the current temperature and humidity in your room
  • Track the min and max temperature and humidity for the past 7 days
  • Start every day prepared
  • Battery-operated

Product description: Thermometer and Hygrometer with Alarm Clock

An actual alarm clock on your bedside table (and not just an app on your phone) might sound super outdated. But just like our smartphones that are now very different from those of 10 years ago, alarm clocks just move with the times too!

Digital alarm clock with modern bamboo look

Waking up you will have to do almost every day, we can't avoid it. But to wake up to the same tune as your phone's ringtone every day doesn't make the ritual any better. Worse, now a shiver runs down your spine every time your ringtone rings.

So it's high time to get an alarm clock that isn't your phone!

Most alarm clocks do wake you up at the time you set. But they don't tell you whether you should put on that thick jumper today or not.

So why choose a pricey alarm clock that only does the bare minimum?

Your personal indoor Hygrometer

Unlike ordinary alarm clocks that give you minimal information, this alarm clock provides you with essential details about the temperature and humidity of your immediate environment.

Which data the alarm clock measures is listed here:

  • Temperature range: 0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F)
  • Humidity range: 20% - 99%
  • Display of max/min temperature and humidity records
  • Comfort level based on measured temperature and humidity
  • Trends in temperature: observe increases or decreases throughout the week

Timeless battery-powered alarm clock

The digital alarm clock has a stylish look, making it a perfect fit in your bedroom. The design of the alarm clock is timeless and neutral, making it easily fit into any bedroom, living room.

You also place the alarm clock exactly where you want it! It runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included), so you are not obliged to stay near a wall socket.

Stand out or blend-in?

On the back of the alarm clock you will find a stand as well as a hanging system.

So whether you prefer to have a classic alarm clock on your bedside table; or prefer flawless integration by hanging it just like a smart display on your wall, it's all possible!

In the package:

  • Thermo and Hygrometer with alarm clock
  • Manual

Product specifications

Article code
ABS, Bamboo
13 x 13 x 2cm
4.42-INCH LCD screen
Bamboo, White
2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Thermometer and Hygrometer with Alarm Clock

4 reasons to buy a hygro and thermometer

  1. Minimise health problems
  2. Prevent mould
  3. Prevent damage to your interiors (musical instruments, furniture, paintings)
  4. Create a perfect environment for your houseplants

Frequently asked questions about Thermometer and Hygrometer with Alarm Clock

Yes! Holding the UP button for 3 seconds switches between a 24- or 12-hour display. When switching to 12-hour format, the familiar AM and PM will also appear on the display, depending on the part of the day, of course.

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9,0 1 Review
    • Prima hygrometer

      "Werkt goed! Ook leuk om meerdere functies in één apparaat te hebben."

      Maxim - 01-03-2024

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Thermometer and Hygrometer with Alarm Clock


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