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Do you receive a lot of parcels every day? Does that mess up your entire daily schedule or are you rarely at home? Then this Parcel delivery box is for you. Thanks to the high security of the parcel delivery box, you will receive your parcels worry-free while you are away from home for a few days (or weeks). Read more
  • Effortlessly receive mail and parcels 24/7
  • High security thanks to anti-theft mechanism and combination lock
  • Easy to attach to surface, wall, etc.
  • Weatherproof and discreet design
  • Shareable with neighbours thanks to secure code lock
  • Time saving for both deliverer and recipient

Product description: Parcel Delivery Box

The life of parcel receiver is simply not easy! And yet there is hope, because with the Silvergear Parcel Delivery Box, you now receive mail and parcels worry-free 24/7 without being disturbed by the doorbell. That sounds great, doesn't it?

The ultimate, most time-saving parcel delivery process ever

The following scenario is all too familiar:

3..2...1...the doorbell rings! OK, throw everything you're doing aside, pause that important meeting, webcam on black, do a quick hair check and put on some trousers after all (oops!). And all at the speed of Speedy Gonzalez, of course, because we all know: no postman waits longer than 2 minutes in front of a closed door.

With a letterbox for parcels, this hassle is a thing of the past. No more trips to the parcel point or endless waiting for the postman due to impossible delivery times, but finally enjoy a truly effortless and efficient online shopping experience.

Receiving parcels is now even safer thanks to the number lock and anti-theft mechanism!

A grab bag for thieves? Certainly not! The anti-theft mechanism of the Parcel Delivery Box stops all greedy hands.

The parcel box slot is closed by a metal bulkhead which is part of the flap. Does one open the flap? Then the slot is closed. Moreover, the mechanism neatly catches the parcel before it falls into the letterbox.

Furthermore, lost letterbox keys are a thing of the past, as the Parcel delivery box is securely locked with a 3-digit code lock. Use your unique code to effortlessly open the door at the front of the box and receive delivered parcels at your chosen time.

Want to increase security even further? Then attach the Parcel Delivery Box to the ground, a wall, fence or other surface. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes and supplied screws, this is done in no time.

Product specifications

Article code
Galvanised steel
44 x 35 x 58.4 cm
Freestanding, Suspended
Maximum package size
35 x 20 x 20 cm
11 kg
Fixing material
4 screws
Suitable for number of people
Possibility to share with neighbours thanks to combination lock
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How does the Silvergear Parcel Delivery Box work?

How does the Parcel Delivery Box work?

Parcels are delivered through the opening at the top of the Parcel delivery box. This opening is firmly covered by a flap with magnetic closure.

Despite being tightly clamped shut, the flap can be opened with little force thanks to a pneumatic pump that provides additional lifting force.

When closing the letterbox, this pump also ensures that the flap does not fall shut with a loud bang.

The delivery man will deliver the parcel without your presence, send a confirmation of receipt via e-mail and quickly continue on his way. Whereupon, at the desired moment, you take the delivery out of the parcel box via the door at the front.

Use your unique code to open the lock and take delivery of the parcels. Close the door again and turn the code lock to close it again.

What is the capacity of the Silvergear Parcel Delivery Box?

What is the capacity of the Parcel Delivery Box?

How many parcels actually fit in the Parcel Delivery Box? Naturally, we have figured that out for you!

The largest parcel that fits through the opening measures 35 x 20 x 20 cm. With a total volume of 91 litres, that means the largest parcel fits around 6 times in the Parcel Delivery Box.

To paint an even better picture, we also give an example of a parcel with a standard shoebox size. In that case, the parcel size is 34 x 28 x 12 cm. In other words, you can receive about 8 pairs of shoes!

Parcel Delivery Box


High winds, snow, rain or thunderstorms? This Parcel Delivery Box doesn't care.

The parcel delivery box is designed to resist any wheater condition. With its galvanised material and overall weight, the parcel letterbox is sturdy and reliable and you will enjoy it for a long time.

In addition, the sloping top and overhanging flap contributes to its waterproof feature. Snow or rain drips off the parcelbox without any problems. This keeps the contents dry. However, it is recommended to cover any unused mounting holes.

Are you as enthusiastic about the Parcel Delivery Box as we are? Order it quickly and enjoy 24/7 mail and parcel delivery without even having to open your front door for the delivery man.

Parcel Delivery Box


Sharing is caring: share the Parcel Delivery Box with your neighbours

You don't receive a lot of parcels yourself but still like the Parcel Delivery Box for your monthly deliveries? In that case, share it with your neighbours!

Install the parcel mailbox on the apartment gallery or at the beginning of the street. This way, you will not only lend a hand to the postal workers but also relieve that one neighbour who always receives all the parcels for the whole neighbourhood.

What's in the packaging of the Silvergear Parcel Delivery Box?

In the package:

  • Silvergear Parcel Delivery Box
  • 4 screws + fixing material

Frequently asked questions about Parcel Delivery Box

Yes, easily attach the Parcel Delivery Box to the ground, a wall, fence or other surface. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes and included screws, this is easy to do.

The maximum parcel size of the Parcel Delivery Box is 35 x 20 x 20 cm.

As long as the parcel does not exceed the maximum parcel size, you can use the Parcel Delivery Box. The safety mechanism of the flap ensures a soft landing in the parcel delivery box.

In addition, it is recommended to put padding or, for example, Styrofoam on the bottom to catch the parcels even better.

The Parcel Delivery Box has a numerical code lock. In other words, you do not need a key to open the parcel delivery box. No keys are therefore supplied.

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Parcel Delivery Box


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