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Smart Bird Feeder

9,8 5 Reviews
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Make your backyard come alive with the Smart Bird Feeder! Easily track every bird movement from your phone via the built-in camera. Enjoy live videos and receive real-time notifications. Let AI bird recognition help you and become a true bird expert! Read more
  • Built-in camera for bird watching
  • Live videos and real-time notifications
  • Night vision for 24/7 observation
  • Store all your favourite moments in Cloud/SD card
  • Bird recognition with AI technology

Product description: Smart Bird Feeder

Have you ever sat quietly in your backyard and wondered what birds are flying around there? Then the Smart Bird Feeder with Camera is just what you need! From now on, follow your garden activities from your phone with this smart addition.

Smart Bird Feeder with camera

With the camera in the Smart Bird Feeder, you can follow every movement of the birds in your backyard. Fill the feeder with their favourite food and let the camera stay continuously charged via the solar panel. But don't enjoy it alone! Invite your friends to watch along via the app.

See which birds pass by via the app on your phone or tablet

Live video

The camera in the Bird Feeder records everything that happens in front of its lens. Open the app and see the magic of bird watching on live video. You can now see them up close and personal without scaring them off.

Real-time notifications

The camera in the feeder captures everything from birds to people, vehicles, packages and even pets. With the handy real-time notifications, you'll never miss a bird visit again. Who knows, your home might be the favourite spot of one of the Netherlands' rarest garden guests!

Bird recognition with AI

Learn all about your backyard visitors and use smart AI technology to recognise more than 11,000 bird species. Is this something for you? The 1st month is free trial.

Night vision, microphone and image storage

Don't miss a moment thanks to full-colour and infrared night vision. So you can follow the lives of birds not only during the day, but also at night!

Plus, you can record and play back sounds via the built-in microphone. Perfect for keeping unwanted guests out. Let the Smart Birdhouse recognise large birds or squirrels and then play your (frightening) recorded message.

Want to go the extra mile and become a bird expert of your own backyard? Then save all your favourite moments with the birds in the Cloud or SD card storage and start your own bird photo collection.

Order your own Smart Bird Feeder today and discover the bird world of your own backyard!


4460_SG_Smart Bird Feeder_Video_Horizontal_NL This is "4460_SG_Smart Bird Feeder_Video_Horizontal_NL" by Karsten International B.V. on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Product specifications

Article code
White, green
Vico Home
Compatible with
Android, iOS
2.4 GHz
5000 mAh
Charging time
10 hours via USB cable, 2 days via solar panel
External storage
Micro SD card (up to 128GB) (not included)
Product size
38 x 27 x 20.4 cm
Video resolution
1920 x 1080
Sensor type
1/2.9" CMOS
Standby time
6 months (20x 10-second videos per day)
Camera size
67 × 58 × 89 mm
Working temperature
-10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Temperature in storage
-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Camera charging cable
USB-C, 100 cm
Charging cable from solar panel
USB-C, 2.9 m
Size of solar panel
17 x 12 x 1.3 cm
What birds can you expect to see with the Smart Bird Feeder?


What birds can you expect to see with the Smart Bird Feeder?


Just like humans, birds also don't eat everything that's in front of them. Some like peanut butter and others like jam. It works the same way with birds and other small animals. That's why the Smart Bird Feeder is designed to be able to dish up different types of food, think of:

  • Seeds, nuts, pits
  • Fruit such as apple, cherry and banana
  • Peanut butter, jam, syrup
  • Fat products and (meal) worms


Do you know which birds you want to attract?

What is possible in the Smart Bird Feeder app?


What is possible in the app?


But what can you actually do with the app? We asked ourselves the same question:

  • Keep an eye on your garden visitors via the camera
  • Talk to the birds via the built-in microphone
  • Take photos with the camera and add them to your photo album in the app
  • Use the AI Bird Recognition technology to learn even more about the birds
  • Let all your friends follow your bird feeder via the app (unlimited number of followers)
  • And so much more!
What are the hanging options for the Smart Bird Feeder?


Mounting options


Not every backyard looks the same. That is why the Smart Birdhouse with Solar Panel is designed to be installed in multiple ways.


  • Hang the feeder on a wall or fence
  • Place the feeder on the roof of the shed, a pole or other flat surface
  • Hang the feeder from a tree with the strong lashing strap (included)
Quick-guide of the Smart Bird Feeder from Silvergear




Want to know the ins-and-outs of how to install the Smart Bird Feeder right now? Then we have prepared this quick guide for you.


  1. Assemble the bird house
  2. Make sure the camera is fully charged
  3. Connect the bird house to the wifi
  4. Install the VicoHome app on your phone or tablet
  5. Connect the camera in the bird house to the app
  6. Place the bird house in the desired location
  7. Fill the food compartment and enjoy!
What's in the packaging of the Smart Bird Feeder?


What's in the packaging of the Smart Bird Feeder?


  • Bird feeder
  • 4x Fruit holders
  • External antenna
  • Solar panel with charging cable
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Strong lashing strap
  • Fastening material

Frequently asked questions about Smart Bird Feeder

You can only adjust the camera angle manually and therefore not through the app.

No, there is no SD card included in the Smart Bird Feeder.

Yes, the app is good to use for free. But if you want to add AI Bird Recognition to the features then, after a 30-day trial period, you will have to take out a subscription.

Setting up a connection between the Smart Bird Feeder and the app indeed requires Wifi. Without Wifi, no live video in the app.

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This product is rated with a 9,8

9,8 5 Reviews
    • Prachtig!


      Hans - 04-04-2024

    • Perfect cadeau gekregen hoor!

      "De push-berichten die ik ontvang wanneer een vogel in beeld komt zijn verslavend leuk!"

      S. Boonen - 18-03-2024

    • Dubbel plezier

      "Ik kon zelfs via de microfoon onze postbezorger vertellen waar hij het pakket kon achterlaten."

      R. De Mol - 18-03-2024

    • Hij hangt hoor!

      "Ik ben helemaal verkocht. Er komen veel vogeltjes op af. Echt een genot om zo m'n achtertuin te zien."

      Dirkjan - 04-03-2024

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Smart Bird Feeder

Recommended price 119,00
Recommended price 119,00

Customers rate us 8,8!

Opening hours 8,8
  • Fast and secure delivery
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ordered before 11 pm today, delivered monday!

"simple "

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"love the product and fast delivery"

Abdi mohamed mohamud - 25-03-2024

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