Smart Infrared Panel 450W with Carbon Crystals

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Silvergear's Smart Infrared Panel takes heating your home to a whole new level. It is smart and therefore remotely controllable, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, sustainable... you name it! Feel the warmth of the infrared radiation directly on your face and enjoy numerous health benefits. Read more
  • Mobile infrared panel with wall mount and pedestal
  • Smart! Controllable via the Smart life app or the panel itself
  • Environmentally friendly, no CO2 emissions!
  • Up to 50% more energy-efficient than a traditional stove
  • Temperatures from 16-37 ̊C

Product description: Smart Infrared Panel 450W with Carbon Crystals

Imagine a portable, low-maintenance, super energy-efficient, smart stove that is also conducive to your health. It really does exist! Silvergear's Smart Infrared Panel offers the whole picture.

Mobile Infrared Panel, or do you prefer to mount it on the wall?

Thanks to its slim and elegant design, the heating panel fits into any interior. Place the lightweight panel on its pedestal and put it next to you while watching TV or under your desk while working.

Prefer to use it as a side heater? Then the enclosed mounting materials come in handy. You can have the infrared panel up on the wall in no time. Heating your home has never been so stylish.

Remote controlled: Smart living is done from the comfort of your armchair!

You easily control the temperature setting from your phone via the Smart Life App (free). Set temperatures from 16-37 ̊C to make sure you come home warm after the long working day. Or use the handy timer to warm up the living room in advance and start the day delightfully pleasant.

Not into apps and smart devices? No problem. The heating panel can also be used without an app using the buttons on the side of the panel.

Why choose a heating panel with carbon crystals?

Put the carbon heating panel next to the traditional heater and the benefits will fly around your ears. We have briefly listed them for you:

  • Cost-saving thanks to the low energy consumption (450 W) and high efficiency it gives you. Up to 50% more energy-efficient than a traditional stove.
  • No energy wasted due to heating surrounding air.
  • Feel the heat directly on your skin thanks to the infrared radiant heat.
  • Larger heat range thanks to carbon crystal technology.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to infrared radiation.
  • Durable material, low maintenance and long service life.

What are the health benefits of the Silvergear heating panel?

Feel the sun on your face with Silvergear's Slim Infrared Panel. Infrared light is the only light that is conducive to human health. Hence, it is also called 'The light of life', or the light of life.

All the health benefits at a glance:

  1. Infrared radiation boosts a person's immune system and general well-being.
  2. Ideal for people with allergies to house dust mites, cat hair or pollen, among others. This is because the heating panel does not use an air circulation system like traditional heaters.
  3. Prevents mould. Infrared radiation actually regulates moisture naturally and healthily.

Also give your body that extra bit of energy and heat it in a healthy way with Silvergear's Smart Infrared Panel with Carbon Crystals.

Product specifications

Article code
Aluminium, Fibreglass, PET
90 x 50 x 4.7cm
5.5 kg
Via App or via the panel itself
Smart Life
When used via SmartLife App
Overheating protection
Noise in decibels
Works with WiFi router (2.4 GHz)
Smart Infrared Panel 450W with Carbon Crystals

You have never seen such a safe heater before!

The heater panel is super safe thanks to its double overheat protection and high energy efficiency.

And let's not forget that replacing gas with infrared radiation ensures that there are no emissions of any harmful substances. For example, you no longer have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smart Infrared Panel 450W with Carbon Crystals

But how do I start my Infrared panel?

  1. Place the heating panel in your preferred location.
  2. Connect the panel to a power source and turn on the main switch.
  3. Click ON to turn the panel on and connect the panel to the Wifi.
  4. Download the Smart life app and link the panel to the app.
  5. From now on, you can set the temperature and timer via the app.

If you still prefer to use the Infrared panel without the app or your phone is empty? Then you can always use the buttons on the side of the panel.

Via the + or - buttons on the thermostat, you can easily set the desired temperature.

Smart Infrared Panel 450W with Carbon Crystals

In the package

  • Electric infrared panel
  • Fixing material: 4x plastic rails, 4x metal screws
  • Pedestal
  • Manual

Frequently asked questions about Smart Infrared Panel 450W with Carbon Crystals

Make sure the panel is off and cooled down before cleaning it. First wipe the panel with a damp cloth and then dry it well. Do not use detergents.

Yes, you can use the heating panel in the bathroom. The steam has no negative effect on the panel. As long as you don't put it in the shower, there is nothing wrong.

No, the heating panel is not suitable to be painted with (radiator) paint.

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Smart Infrared Panel 450W with Carbon Crystals


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