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Silvergear Smart Scale with app Silvergear Smart Scale with app
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Bluetooth Smart Scale - Black

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Easily track your goals with this digital scale. With one step on the Silvergear Smart Bluetooth Scale, you will immediately have a complete picture of your health. Thanks to the extensive body analysis of the digital scale, you can measure your BMI, body fat percentage and more. Track your progress with the easy-to-use Silvergear Fit app that you can link with Google Fit, Apple Health, Samsung Health and Fitbit. Read more
  • 14 measurement functions give you comprehensive body analysis
  • Weight, BMI and daily calorie requirements
  • Fat percentage (subcutaneous and visceral fat), muscle and bone mass
  • With free Silvergear Fit app to track your progress
  • Syncs with Google Fit, Apple Health, Samsung Health and Fitbit

Product description: Bluetooth Smart Scale

This personal scale can perform a body analysis within seconds via the two sensors under your feet. A must for anyone who values their health.

To measure is to know!

The Smart Bluetooth Scale performs an accurate body analysis via your feet. The accompanying app tracks in a handy overview your weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and body age, among other things.

The digital personal scale can also be linked to Google Fit and Apple Health. Perfect for keeping track of your progress.

The Smart Scale's 14 measurement functions

  1. Weight
  2. BMI (Body Mass Index)
  3. Body fat
  4. Fat-free body weight
  5. Subcutaneous fat
  6. Visceral fat
  7. Water weight/moisture content
  8. Muscle percentage
  9. Skeletal muscle
  10. Muscle mass
  11. Bone mass
  12. Protein
  13. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  14. Body age

Track your progress in the app: Silvergear Fit

In the accompanying app Silvergear Fit, you keep track of your progress simply and clearly. Stand on the smart scale and it immediately establishes a link with your phone and the app. The smart scale sends all your body analysis data directly to the app, where you can immediately see the changes compared to the previous measurements.

Smart scale with comprehensive body analysis

If you are exercising and watching your weight, it is also nice to measure your fat percentage and muscle percentage with this smart scale. This gives a good indication of your body's health and progression.

Difference between your muscle and fat mass, subcutaneous and organ fat and skeletal muscle

The Silvergear Smart Scale differentiates between your subcutaneous fat, visceral (organ) fat and lean body mass. The scale also differentiates between whole muscle mass and the percentage of skeletal muscle.

BMI and BMR (height-to-weight ratio and calorie requirement)

In addition, the smart scale also indicates your BMI and BMR. Body Mass Index is the measurement method for the ratio between weight and height. Basal Metabolic Rate tells you how many calories you burn at rest. Ideal if you want to know more about your body!

In the box

  • Silvergear Smart Bluetooth Scale
  • Manual

So if you also want more control over your body and health, buy this digital smart scale!


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Silvergear Smart Scale with app
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Product specifications

Article code
Compatible with
Android and iOS
till 24 persons
Screen type
LCD screen with backlight
Weight accuracy
0.1 kg
Automatic switch on
Low battery indicator
Maximum load
180 kg
2 x AAA batteries (not included)
incl. free app Silvergear Fit
Compatible with
Android and iOS
till 24 persons
Screen type
LCD screen with backlight
Weight accuracy
0.1 kg
Automatic switch on
Low battery indicator
Maximum load
180 kg
2x AAA batteries (not included)
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Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth Smart Scale

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The app is called Silvergear Fit and can be downloaded via the links below:



The scale is compatible with IOS and Android. Phones with these operating systems can connect to the scale.

iOS: 8 or higher and iPhone 4S or newer

Android: 4.3 or higher

The scale can be used by people under 180 kilograms. At a higher weight, the scale will display an error message.

  • Weight
  • Body fat (incl. visceral and subcutaneous fat)
  • Muscle and bone mass
  • Hydration
  • BMI and body type
  • Body age
  • Daily Kcal requirement

The Smart Scale measures your values when you stand on it. It sends electronic signals through your body via your feet that measure all kinds of values. These signals are completely safe and cannot be felt.

The Smart Scale is very easy to use. After installing the app and establishing a connection between the app and the scale, you can start using it. Please note that the scale works best with bare (dry) feet, otherwise the measurement may not be correct.

Yes, you can still use the Fitdays app. We have an improved version that offers an even better user experience, which is the Silvergear app.

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Bluetooth Smart Scale - Black


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