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Variant: Fanfold Paper A4
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Running out of thermal paper for your thermal printer? We have the perfect solution: choose from Fanfold Paper or Paper Rolls from Fichero. Ideal for all kinds of applications: From labels and receipts to black-and-white images and To-do lists. Read more
  • Suitable for the A4 Thermal Printer from Fichero
  • For fast, sharp and durable black-and-white printing
  • Prints are dry immediately after printing
  • Prints last for up to 3 years
  • Choice of 2 paper types: Fanfold paper and Paper Rolls

Product description: Thermal Paper

Inkless printing is done with Thermal paper and Thermal printers. Imagine: High-speed printing, instantly dry printouts without smudges and all of it from your favourite place. 

Leave those unnecessary trips to the print shop or local library behind. With these 2 paper variants to choose from, you will be well off for the foreseeable future.

What do you use thermal paper for?

Thermal paper is designed specifically for Thermal Printers. These are printers that produce prints without ink. Instead, they generate prints by heating the paper. Because of the heat technology, you immediately have several advantages up your sleeve.

  • No ink needed when printing
  • Super fast and easy printing
  • Thanks to heat technology, prints are instantly dry. This prevents smearing
  • Prints have a shelf life of 2-3 years if not exposed to direct sunlight, another heat source or chemicals
  • Low-maintenance printing, as only the paper needs to be replaced from time to time. Who wouldn't want that?

2 thermal paper variants to choose from 

Are you already on the train but still want to print the notes for your presentation this afternoon? Or do you like to prepare well and print out those concert tickets for tomorrow night? With Fichero's 2 types of thermal paper, there is the right paper type for every occasion. 

Curious about the differences? We've listed them for you.

Fanfold paper

  • Ideal for at home
  • 200 sheets
  • Perforated line for easy tearing
  • A4 size

Thermal paper roll

  • Ideal for travelling
  • 3x 200 sheets of paper per roll
  • Without perforated line
  • A4 size

Opt for the supreme quality of thermal printing with Fichero Thermal paper too. Which variant will you choose?

Product specifications

Article code
900 grams
200 sheets
A4 size, 210 x 297 mm
What exactly is thermal paper?


What exactly is thermal paper?


Thermal paper has a special print layer that contains dye. This dye reacts to heat by darkening. When your printer then puts a hot stamp on the paper, it creates prints in black and white. Thus, the paper is perfectly suited to Fichero's A4 Thermal Printer.

Moreover, this is why normal paper (without dye) does not work with a thermal printer. After all: Without dye, no print.

Perfectly suitable for Fichero's A4 Thermal Printer!

Frequently asked questions about Thermal Paper

There are approximately 200 sheets of paper on 1 Thermal Paper Roll.

Prints on Fichero's Thermal Paper will last for up to 2-3 years if not exposed to direct sunlight, other heat sources or chemicals.

No, it is not possible to print colours with thermal paper.

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Thermal Paper - Fanfold Paper A4


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