Smart Solar Garden Lights - 6-pack

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Spice up your garden with these Smart Garden Lights. These waterproof lights are solar powered and equipped with smart features that you control via your phone. Illuminate that dark path as you walk along it, add fun atmosphere to your garden at night and throw the best summer parties with colored lights that light up to the rhythm of your music. So do you like to spend your summer evenings in a super atmospheric garden? Then you must have these garden lights! Read more
  • Solar powered LED garden lights
  • Control via your phone and voice control
  • Sync with your favourite music
  • RGB and white light
  • Automatic motion and daylight sensor

Product description: Smart Solar Garden Lights

Do you have a garden which is totally worth showing off to your friends and family? Well why not illuminate your beautiful landscape, with these convenient smart garden lights that you can control from the comfort of your couch. Whether you prefer a soft and warm glow, or flashy and bold colors. These lamps will turn your garden into that other-worldly oasis after the sun sets.

Solar powered

The Silvergear Smart Garden Light Duo will charge itself during the day with the help of sunlight! This means that during the day both you, your garden lights and even your bank account will enjoy the sunlight. During the day, these lights charge via the built-in solar panel on top, so you can enjoy the beautiful light in the evening.

Has the weather outside been pretty miserable for a while? Then use a USB cable to fully charge the lamps in just 2 hours. So when winter arrives and it gets dark earlier and earlier, you can still fully charge your lights. Your nightly light show can continue anytime!

Smart functions

These lights are truly smart! They are equipped with a plethora of smart functions which will make your garden stand out from your neighbor’s garden. All smart functions are easily accessible via the Tuya Smart Life App and will allow you to customize your garden atmosphere from the comfort of your terrace!

With these functions you:

  • Control your lights with the help of voice control
  • Change the color and brightness
  • Sync the lights to the music you are playing
  • Set a timer 
  • Install a time schedule
  • Adjust Full light duration
  • Adjust motion detection range
  • Adjust luminance detection 
  • Group multiple lights to control them all at once

Smart functions are the future, so why would we exclude our garden from that! Whether you have a party and want to extend the dancefloor into your garden, or just want your lights to activate by themselves once the sun starts setting. You can make these lights behave exactly how you want with a few simple clicks on your smartphone!

Timer & schedules

These lights can be set on a countdown timer or even a time schedule. So if you like your garden lights to turn off at the time you had planned to go to bed, or make it clear to your guests that it is time to go home, install the convenient timer! You can choose the length of the timer in the App from 0 to 23 hours and 59 minutes.

Do you prefer your lights to turn on at exactly 8 in the evening every day? Then simply install a time schedule. In the App, you can install a schedule which makes sure your lights turn on at any time that you prefer. And set another time so they will automatically turn off once it is time to go to bed.


These lamps are equipped with infrared sensors. These sensors allow the lights to work in 2 different modes:

  1. Motion detection
  2. Luminance detection

With motion detection, the lights will activate once the sensor notices the presence of something through movement. So say you have a little bit of trash to bring out while it is already dark, then the lights will illuminate your errand as you get in proximity of the sensor. 

The detection sensitivity is also adjustable. With this you can adjust the distance at which the sensor will recognize movement. Set it to high for an open space or to low for that dramatic effect of the lights turning on once you are standing next to it

With luminance detection, the lights will activate once it starts to become dark. How soon the sensor will react to the light levels dropping can also be adjusted in the App.

In the package

  • 2x Smart Garden Light
  • 2x Lawn spike
  • 2x Wall mount
  • 2x USB-C charging cable
  • 2x adjustable cord
  • Screws

Product options

  • 2 lights
  • 4 lights
  • 6 lights

Product specifications

Article code
159.5 x 46.5 mm
1200mAh Lithium
USB-C, Solar power
Charging time
USB: 2 hours
Recharge time
Solar power: 15 hours
Working time
4 - 12 hours
ABS, PC, Silica gel
Number of lamps
Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Both lamps shine light with the help of LED lights. LED makes these lights not only cost effective, but also allows them to be set in either RGB colors, or different shades of white light. Illuminate your garden in flashing bold colors, or distinguish your keys while you are trying to open your door under bright white light.

Do you prefer your lights a little less bright? That is also no problem for these lights! You can adjust the brightness of these lamps from 100%, all the way to 1%. No matter the garden size, landscape or occasion, these lamps will elevate your landscape to the next level.

Place anywhere

Place anywhere

Place these lights anywhere in your garden where you desire. They come with both a lawn spike and wall mount. So whether you want to place your lights firmly on the edge of you lawn, next to the door on the wall or just as a mood light on the table, it is all possible. Light up your garden exactly where you want it.

The Silvergear Smart Garden Lights have an IP65 rating. This means that these lights are waterproof and dustproof. So don’t you worry about the rain ruining your garden atmosphere!

Frequently asked questions about Smart Solar Garden Lights

You can control the Smart Garden Lights with your phone via the Tuya Smart Life App. The app provides easy access to various smart features and allows you to adjust colour, brightness, timer, schedules and more.

The Smart Garden Lights offer both RGB colours and different shades of white light. You can choose between striking bright colours to create a vibrant atmosphere or select different shades of white light for different occasions.

Yes, the lights can be synchronised with the music you play. This feature lets you create dynamic lighting effects that change according to the rhythm and beats of the music.

Yes, these lamps are solar-powered. They have built-in solar panels that charge the lamps during the day using sunlight. However, they can also be fully charged in just 2 hours using a USB cable.

Yes, the lamps are equipped with motion detection sensors. They activate when they detect movement nearby, making them useful for lighting paths.

Yes, you can adjust the brightness of the Smart Garden Lights from 1% to 100%. So you can adjust the brightness according to your preferences and the atmosphere you want.

Yes, the Smart Garden Lights have an IP65 rating, which means they are waterproof and dustproof. You can confidently use them in different weather conditions without worrying about damage.

The lamps come with a ground stake and wall mount, so you can place them anywhere in your garden. You can fix them on the lawn, attach them to the wall, or place them on the table as mood lights.

Yes, you can set countdown timers or time schedules for the lamps. This feature allows you to automate the operation of the lamps.

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10,0 1 Review
    • Super leuk met muziek

      "Die muziek functie is echt super leuk! Geen gekke lasershow maar wel heel goed afgesteld op het ritme van mijn muziek"

      Yvette - 30-05-2023

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Smart Solar Garden Lights - 6-pack

Recommended price 119,97
Recommended price 119,97

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