Are you looking for a personal scale, but don't know whether to choose a 'regular' digital, smart scale, premium or even pro smart scale? Or do you have a certain budget in mind and are looking very specifically for a cheap scale? With all types of scales and so many options on the market, it's easy to lose track. That's why we would like to help you choose the one that suits you best!

I want a good scale that weighs accurately and consistently

Do the points below suit you?

  • I want a scale that accurately weighs my weight
  • I am only interested in my weight
  • I don't need an app that tracks my weight
  • I want cheap scales

Digital scales

Digital scales are great for anyone who finds it especially important to be able to know their weight. Think beginner athletes and people who want to lose some kilos or the visually impaired who are looking for a scale that pronounces their weight.

Digital scales are very accurate, also have a simple design and are easy to place anywhere in your home. Another advantage of these scales is that they are a lot cheaper than the smarter versions, making them ideal for anyone on a tight budget.

I want a scale with body analysis

Do the points below suit you?

  • I want to know more than just my weight
  • I am interested in data about my BMI, BMR and muscle and fat mass
  • I have a health goal such as losing weight or gaining muscle mass
  • I would like to track my progress in an app

Smart scales

Smart scales, also known as smart scales, are more versatile and feature-rich compared to the 'simple' digital variant. These scales have various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, body fat analysis, muscle mass and bone mass.

These smart scales have 4 super-sensitive sensors where you stand, giving a comprehensive picture of general health. This makes them great devices for novice athletes or people who want to lose or gain weight and know their progression in terms of fat and muscle percentage. These scales come with accompanying app, which allows you, the user, to track all your data automatically and also set all your goals.

I want the most comprehensive scale with body analysis

Do the points below suit you?

  • I want the most comprehensive body analysis
  • I would like to track my progress in an app
  • I want to see comprehensive reports
  • I am also interested in data such as heart rate, heart index and body balance

Premium smart scales

The Premium smart scales go one step further and offer even more advanced functions. In the accompanying app, you can see much more extensive reports than the 'regular' smart scales. For example, you can also see data about your body balance; for example, do you stand with your weight more on your left or right foot? But you will also find data on heart rate monitoring and height record in the app.

I want the most accurate smart scale like in the gym

Do the points below suit you?

  • I want the most accurate weighing and measuring
  • I want to know my exact muscle mass, skeletal muscle, fat mass, subcutaneous fat and protein content
  • I would like to track my progression in an app
  • I want to fully measure both my lower and upper body

Pro smart scales

Are you an avid athlete and want to take your training to the next level? And do you also want to be able to take accurate measurements at home just like at the gym? Then a Pro Smart Scale with up to 8 super-sensitive sensors is the device for you!

Besides the platform you stand on, this smart scale also has a handle like those you often find on scales in your gym. This handle contains 4 extra sensors that - together with the other 4 sensors in the platform - take the most accurate measurement for you. With this scale, both your lower body and upper body are thus fully measured.

Ultimately, the best scale for you depends on your individual needs. Consider what kind of data you want to track and what your budget is before making a final decision.

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