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Do you feel exhausted, drained and stressed after a busy working week full of appointments, commitments, the necessary gym session and what else? And you don't feel like going to the masseur at all anymore? Not to worry! We have the solution! With the temperature regulating function of this new Hot & Cold Massage Gun Pro, you will now shoot into relaxation mode even faster than ever before. Read more
  • Give your blood circulation a boost and your muscles an intense break with the Hot & Cold massage head
  • Prevent/relieve stiffness and muscle pain by use prior to exercise session
  • Optimal muscle recovery through improved blood circulation
  • Can be used all over the body thanks to the 4 massage heads
  • Tighter skin thanks to new temperature-regulating massage head

Product description: Massage Gun Pro Hot & Cold

Are you completely fed up with your muscle pain? Does it even keep you from getting back into that sports class? Or are you a stressed-out person who prefers to go to the masseur every day? Then our Hot & Cold Silvergear Massage Gun Pro with temperature regulating function is for you!

With its compact and lightweight design, you can easily take it anywhere and provide intense muscle relief within minutes at any time of the day. Relax both physically and mentally and no longer let the pain of stiff and cramped muscles determine your mood.

Enjoy double relaxation with the Hot & Cold massage head!

The temperature-regulating massage head amplifies the effect of the vibrating and pushing motion on your muscles. Your muscles have never released their stress so quickly. Experience the benefits of cold and heat on your skin now.

  • Pain relieving
  • Better blood circulation
  • Tighter skin

What are the benefits of heat on the body?

Heat enhances the relaxing and (muscle) pain-relieving effect by dilating blood vessels and strengthening blood circulation. Nutrients, immune system defences and waste products therefore move faster to and from the desired location, resulting in a pain-relieving effect.

What are the benefits of cold on the body?

We all know the numbing effect of a bag of ice on the sore spot. But cold can do so much more for your body. Namely, the low temperature also causes your blood vessels to constrict and your skin will contract. Striae and wrinkles soon become less visible and the skin looks more supple. Hello summer legs!

And this one is for the athletes and ice bath fans among us!

The effect of an ice bath after the sports session due to the extreme difference in temperature can now be mimicked with the Hot & Cold function. By alternately constricting and dilating your veins, you boost blood circulation at the desired spot.

Want to enhance this effect even more? Then create a more extreme difference in temperature by using the heat function after the cold massage session.

Have you become as enthusiastic about the Hot & Cold Massage Gun Pro as we are? Then don't delay your well-earned moment of relaxation any longer and order it today.

Product specifications

Article code
613 grams
Charging time
5 hours
13.2 x 14.5 x 4.8 cm (excl. massage head)
Battery life
2 - 4 hours
Massage heads
Number of settings
LCD - Display
Battery capacity
2600mAh 7.4V
Movement rate per minute
2400 - 3000
How does the massage gun work?

How does the massage gun work?

You can use this Silvergear Massage Gun Pro all over your body for any desired result. The 4 attachments and different speeds make it easy to switch between deep relaxation, relief of (muscle) pain/cramps and tighter/healthier skin.

The vibrating and massaging headpiece of the massager relaxes muscles, loosens knots and stimulates blood circulation. This relieves any muscle pain or cramp.

What are the features of the Hot & Cold Massage Gun Pro?

What are the features of the Hot & Cold Massage Gun?

This Muscle Massage Gun stimulates better blood circulation through the vibrating and massaging movements of the massage head. In addition, with the 4 speeds, you can easily set the desired result yourself.

If you go for ultimate relaxation, choose a lower speed. Suffering from severe muscle aches or cramps? Then set the Massage Gun to a higher speed and enjoy a deeper vibration in the skin tissues (deep tissue massage).

The 4 attachments each have their own functionality with specific effects on the body, allowing you to use the massage gun multifunctionally and it will soon become the best massage device you've ever had.

  1. Hot & Cold flat head - Experience deeper relief for the whole body
  2. U head - Ideal for the spine
  3. Ball head - Joints, trigger points, and connective tissue massage.
  4. Ball head - The large muscle groups are up for deeper stimulation
How does Massage Gun promote your physical and mental health?

How does the Massage Gun promote physical and mental health?

The vibrating and massaging movements of the Massage device not only have a relaxing effect on the muscles, but also stimulate muscle growth, kinesthetic awareness, range of motion and blood flow under the skin. Thus, it has a pain relieving and even pain preventing effect on the muscles.

By using the Massage Gun on the right areas of the body, you speed up the recovery of your muscles and all built-up stress can finally leave your body. The Massage Gun ensures a healthier body, both physically and mentally.

What's in the package of the Hot & Cold Massage Gun Pro?

In the package

  • Silvergear Massage Gun Pro
  • 4 massage heads
  • Charger
  • Manual

Frequently asked questions about Massage Gun Pro Hot & Cold

By briefly clicking the button with the temperature icon below the on/off button, you turn on the cold function. Repeat this action and you turn on the heat function. Press the button one more time and the Hot & Cold function turns off.

Yes, it has 4 different speeds. Pressing the on/off button briefly changes speeds.

Press the power button for 3 seconds until the blue light comes on.

Hot & Cold Massage Gun weighs 620 grams including massage head.

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This product is rated with a 9,5

9,5 2 Reviews
    • Zeer goed

      "De warmte die de massagekop afgeeft is echt een aanwinst. Het ontspant m’n spieren veel sneller dan verwacht. Erg makkelijk in gebruik. Ook de koude stand is top!"

      Tomas - 25-07-2023

    • Geweldig

      "Wat een heerlijk product zeg! Ik gebruik het nu bijna elke avond om m’n nek en schouders los te masseren. En zelfs m’n man is er weg van. We zouden het zeker aanraden."

      Rina - 25-07-2023

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Massage Gun Pro Hot & Cold


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