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Muscle pain? This massage gun is the ultimate gadget for relief! When you have muscle pain, it's a confirmation that you've done certain exercises correctly. A little muscle soreness is usually not that bad. However, the pain can last quite a long time. Experience a soothing muscle massage after physical exertion! Read more
  • Relieves muscle stiffness and reduces pain in all parts of the body
  • Experience a wonderful muscle massage after physical exertion
  • 6 different positions
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Improves the health of the soft tissues of your skin
  • Optimal recovery of your muscles

Product description: Massage Gun

Relax your muscles with this handy massage gun and stop the muscle pain!

How does the Massage Gun work?

This massage gun provides better blood circulation due to the vibrating and pressing effect on the body and muscles. The effects on the central nervous system ensure that you recover more quickly from muscle pain. It stimulates local muscle receptors to relieve pain and help you relax. Effects on your skin and underlying tissues include relaxing thickened connective tissue and breaking barriers to muscle contractions.

Stimulates blood circulation

Trauma, overuse of your muscles, stress or tension. A deep effect through the vibrating movements loosens knots in your muscles. Using the massage gun in the right places can speed up the healing of the damaged area after an injury or trauma. At the same time, if certain parts of your body have been overused or are too tense, you can use this massage gun to speed up blood circulation in the affected area and relieve possible tension.

Prevent or reduce muscle pain by using the massage gun in advance.

If you regularly play sports and train, it is very pleasant to massage yourself with the massage gun beforehand. This way you can start the competition or training relaxed. Internal scar tissue that has formed after an injury or operation is reduced with the muscle massage gun. It also increases the elasticity of the muscles, especially during muscle contractions.

Help your body recover from heavy exertion. Rehabilitation removes metabolic waste and nourishes the body's cells. Tissue elasticity is normalised and maximised, speeding up wound healing.

In the box:

  • Silvergear massage gun
  • U - attachment
  • Ball - attachment
  • Cone - attachment
  • Flat - attachment
  • Charger

Product specifications

Article code
1400 grams
Control light
4 interchangeable attachments
Handle width
22 cm
Battery life
2 - 4 hours
Charging time
180 minutes
Download manual

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Frequently asked questions about Massage Gun

Yes, it has 6 different settings. By pressing the On/Off button again and again, you reach the next position.

Press the On/Off button on the back of the Massage Gun once.

The Massage Gun weighs 1400 grams.

The Massage Gun, Power Adapter, 4 Different Attachments, Manual

Suitable for relieving muscle pain throughout your body and in all your body parts.

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    • Ergonomic, efficient and seems solid and well built


      Jean-Marie - 01-03-2023

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Massage Gun - Black


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