Massage guns are an effective way to reduce tension, spasms, aches and pains in different parts of the body, while increasing blood flow and oxygen supply in specific areas. There are four different attachments available for massage guns, each offering unique benefits depending on where you need the treatment most. In this blog, we explain to you which attachment you can use for which body part or muscle group.

Ball-shaped attachment

The ball-shaped attachment is tailored for full-body massage therapy. It is designed to treat larger muscle groups, such as the back, shoulders, legs and arms.

This attachment helps improve blood circulation and relaxes muscles after exercise or strenuous exercise. Moreover, it can be used if you experience cramping or tightness somewhere in your body.

Massage gun attachments explanation: which cup for what or where?

U-Shaped / Forked attachment

The forked attachment makes it great for treating areas like your spine and ideal if you want to address lower back pain. Like a regular massage, you don't want to apply pressure to the vertebra itself. Therefore, this U-shape makes it ideal for targeting the surrounding muscles on both sides of the spine.

To get the most out of your massage gun and this attachment, start slowly and on a low setting (especially at the top around the sensitive neck muscles).

Massage gun attachments explanation: which cup for what or where?

Flat head attachment

The flat head attachment is designed for overall relief of muscle pain and tension. It delivers targeted pressure to multiple points at once, making it ideal for large areas such as your back or legs. This type of attachment is great for working out knots and giving deep tissue massages.

Massage gun attachments explanation: which cup for what or where?

Ball attachment

The bullet attachment is ideal for relieving deeper muscles that are difficult to reach with other attachments. This type of attachment is perfect for targeting small, hard-to-reach areas such as your neck or lower back to release built-up stress or tension in those areas.

The ball attachment vibrates a lot deeper than the ball-shaped attachment, for example. So always build up the massage with the ball head gently and don't use the highest setting straight away.

Massage gun attachments explanation: which cup for what or where?

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