Blue Monday, or the day when you realise that it will be a long time before you have time off again. The festive month of December is already a while ago. Although, of course, we celebrated it less lavishly than usual. Your good resolutions are also becoming harder to keep up, or perhaps have already been forgotten. No, there is nothing to be cheerful about ... or is there? With these tips, you can find the joy or the motivation to go full steam ahead. Which Blue Monday?

Gadgets for a happy body

Wanting to lose weight, but miss the gym? Running is not your thing and you don't want to buy expensive equipment? It's not easy to keep new, healthy resolutions. The days sometimes seem to fly by and in the evening you want to curl up on the sofa. Fortunately, getting enough exercise doesn't have to be difficult. These products will get you moving again. Easily accessible and fun too!

Smart skipping rope

Get your heart pumping with the Smart Skipping Rope. The Skipjoy app allows you to track how much you jump, how long you jump and if you are making progress. There are also 3 different settings so you can jump with a different goal each time. Now that's a fun workout!

Gadgets for happy ears

Do you have trouble concentrating with kids or housemates around you? Do you find it boring to work at home alone? Noise can be distracting, but music, on the other hand, improves your mood and reduces stress. Whether you're looking for something to help you focus or for a more sociable experience. There is an audio solution for every situation!

Goodbye noise, hello peace!

For example, use these Bluetooth In-Ear Noise-Cancelling Earplugs when you are at work, in the office or at home. No more disturbance from surrounding sounds thanks to active noise-cancelling. The wireless earbuds let you enjoy music or podcasts undisturbed.

Drop the beat

Whether you are dancing in the kitchen or enjoying an exciting film, the Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar produces the best sound quality and its sleek design is a feast for the eyes. Simply connect the soundbar via Bluetooth or a USB cable to your phone or TV. Turn up the volume and fill your home with the most beautiful sounds!

Gadgets for happy eyes

Summer is still far away and the days are still so short. Some days you won't even leave your house. But don't worry. There are plenty of good ideas to make your home cosy. You won't even want to go outside!

Cinema night, but at home

Going to the cinema is not an option for the time being, but with the Portable Mini Projector you can create your own ultimate film experience at home! Simply connect the projector to your TV or laptop with a USB cable. Play your favourite film on a white wall or on your ceiling! Just the two of you or enjoy it with the whole family. Get the popcorn ready!

Atmosphere maker

Don't feel like a movie night, but want to enjoy a good glass of wine on the couch or play a nice game? Set the mood with this Mood light LED lamp. Choose red for a romantic evening or green for peace. Select your favourite colour or go for one of the four programmes of the moodlight. With the accompanying remote control, you can easily transform your entire living room.

Gadgets for a happy mind

The next holiday is not until April and working at home is simply a challenge. And being inside all the time doesn't make you feel very happy either. Did you know that everyone needs enough daylight and sunlight? A clear line between work and private life is also very important for your mental health. Rest your mind and improve your mood with the following products.

Sunshine at home

Feeling tired all the time and having trouble getting up? Fight your winter depression with this Daylight Therapy Lamp. Put an end to your gloomy mood! The daylight lamp imitates the sun and gives you a summer feeling. It restores your day-night rhythm and gives you more energy. Lovely!

Chilling out on a bed of nails

After hours of sitting tensely at your desk, your body is probably stiff. The cramped muscles in your neck may be giving you a headache. Whether due to work or stress, your body deserves a massage. Unwind with this set. The acupressure mat and the massage cushion stimulate the blood circulation and relax your muscles. The solution for your aching back or neck! Focus on the vibration and the heat that spreads through your body. The result? Blissful relaxation and an empty head.

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