Daylight Therapy Lamp - WhiteDaylight Therapy Lamp - WhiteDaylight Therapy Lamp - WhiteDaylight Therapy Lamp - WhiteDaylight Therapy Lamp - WhiteDaylight Therapy Lamp - WhiteDaylight Therapy Lamp - WhiteDaylight Therapy Lamp - White

Daylight Therapy Lamp - White

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No more gloomy mood with the daylight therapy lamp! This wonder lamp mimics daylight with high light intensity. This allows you to experience the positive feelings of a summer's day. The light therapy lamp gives you a boost during the dark and gloomy winter months. But also home workers who don't get out enough can benefit from the lamp throughout the year. Read more
  • Improves your mood and energy level
  • Improves your sleep
  • Wake up more refreshed

Product description: Daylight Therapy Lamp

Through the daylight lamp, you experience a succession of positive effects. The light improves your mood, giving you more energy. This has the fine effect of helping you sleep better at night and, as a result, you wake up feeling more rested. This in turn boosts your mood and energy levels.

How does the daylight therapy lamp work?

  1. Place the lamp approximately 50 cm from your face.
  2. Turn the lamp on.
  3. Choose one of the 3 settings that you find most comfortable. You can set the lamp to 30% intensity, 60% or 100%.
  4. Set the timer. The recommended time is 20 minutes.
  5. Just like you shouldn't look directly into the sunlight, you shouldn't look directly into the lamp either. Let the light do its work.
  6. Use the lamp daily and you will soon experience the benefits!

Tips for using the light therapy lamp

Switch the lamp on while you are having breakfast. This way you give your body an extra signal that it needs to wake up. This signal causes the brain to produce all kinds of substances that make you feel more awake.
Do you work a lot from home and don't get out much? Put the lamp on in the morning next to your computer or laptop.

In the box:

  • Daylight Therapy Lamp
  • Manual

Product specifications

Article code
24W, 100~240V input, 24V 1A output
150cm USB cable
23,5 x 14,2 x 1.6 cm

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    • Prima lamp, goed prijs kwaliteit


      "Ik heb de lamp nu een week en vanaf moment dat ik hem gebruik heeft het al zijn effect. Ik kan makkelijker mijn bed uit in de ochtend. De lamp is in sterkte te verstellen, het is op het begin even fel maar het went."

      Daisy - 26-10-2020

    • Lichttherapie lamp


      "Ik ben heel blij met de asnschaf van deze lamp. Het helpt mij met mijn winterdepressie. Ik ben niet meer somber en neerslachtig. Had ik dit maar eerder geweten. Zeker een aanrader!"

      Songül - 24-10-2020

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Daylight Therapy Lamp - White






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