We all stand on the scales often, weekly, maybe even daily. But the number on the scale staring at you doesn't really say much. For example, you may feel you weigh too much, but you may have a lot of muscle mass and this weighs more than fat. That's why it's very interesting to weigh yourself on a smart scale, because it tells you much more than just your weight.

A full body analysis in your living room

You don't have to go to an expensive personal coach anymore to get a full body analysis. With a smart scale you can take various body measurements at home, without the hassle of wires you have to stick to your body. All you have to do is connect your phone to the corresponding app and step on the scale, easy! You can immediately read the results on the app.  
It is important to always weigh at the same time, preferably in the morning before you eat and drink. This way you get a good idea of your weight and health. In the evening you're always heavier than in the morning, by eating and drinking, this can sometimes differ up to 2 kg. 

The smart scale as a coach

The smart scales can help you with various goals. If you want to lose weight, gain weight or develop more muscle, smart scales can help you do just that. These smart scales can tell you your weight, BMI, body age, muscle mass, visceral fat, bone mass, subcutaneous fat, heart rate and body balance, among other things. It's really just a very sophisticated computer hidden inside a scale.

Monitoring your healthy lifestyle

Perhaps you do not have a sporting goal, but you would like to monitor your health. It may be that your fat percentage is too high and that can entail serious health risks. If, for example, your percentage of visceral fat, also known as belly fat, is too high, you can get diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, among other things. So it is very important to keep an eye on this for yourself.

Handy companion app to help you

Smart scales always come with a free accompanying app that you can download and after entering your data, you're ready to go. As soon as you start weighing, all measurements are stored in the app. This way you can easily see your progress in a clear overview. This can give you extra motivation to keep exercising and eating healthier, or whatever other goal you have set for yourself. The app really helps you to see where you stand. Most smart scales even allow you to add more than one person to the app, and the data is stored in his or her own profile. So everyone in your household can use the scale. It often helps to set a goal together and support each other.

Weigh smarter

Imagine your goal is to lose weight. You exercise a lot and do cardio and occasionally strength training. On a regular scale, you suddenly see your weight go up and think that all that training doesn't help, because apparently you only gain weight. Huh? How so?

The smart scale shows you that your weight has indeed gone up, but that you have gained muscle. Your muscles have developed more and that is normal if you train a lot. Without a smart scale you would probably have already thrown in the towel, because well, you only see the number on the scale getting higher, gone is your motivation. That's why the smart scale is a real godsend, because you can see exactly what's happening in your body.

So you can't really do without such a smart scale anymore if you have a sport and/or health goal. There are many different smart scales with useful functions available nowadays, maybe these smart scales are something for you?

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