Smart door and window sensorSmart door and window sensorSmart door and window sensorSmart door and window sensorSmart door and window sensorSmart door and window sensorSmart door and window sensor

Smart door and window sensor

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Securing your home is easier than you think. With this smart door and window sensor, you can keep an eye on the entrance and exit of your house at all times! The sensor detects the opening and closing of doors and windows and immediately sends a notification to your phone. Read more
  • Tamper-proof
  • App works with iOS and Android
  • Wireless connection via WiFi 2.4GHz with a distance of up to 45 metres
  • Sensor detects the opening and closing of doors and windows and immediately sends a message to your phone

Product description: Smart door and window sensor

Have you been thinking about the security of your home for a while, but think a whole camera system is a bit excessive? Then this low-threshold burglar alarm is for you. Place the two parts of the sensor on the door and doorpost, or on the window and window frame, and you will be the first to know when windows or doors are opened!

Also handy: if you link this door/window sensor to Silvergear's Smart Home lighting, you can set your tools in such a way that the light goes on automatically when you open the door! A nice extra if you come through the front door into a dark house with your hands full...

How the door and window sensor works

This door and window sensor consists of two magnetic parts. You attach one part to the top of the door or window, and the other part to the doorpost or window frame. Both parts are equipped with a highly resistant adhesive layer so you can easily attach them to the desired surface. Double-sided stickers and screws are included, as are a battery and a power cable.

Download the Smart Life app to let the sensor communicate with your phone. Once the sensor is switched on (with a simple push on the button on the side), you can connect it with the app. Precise instructions can be found in the manual included in the box.

Once connected, the securing can begin! When the two parts of the sensor are connected, it will know that the door or window is closed. If the two parts are separated, the sensor signals that the door or window is opened. At that moment a notification is sent to your app so you can take action if necessary.

Want to go one step further?

If you really want to get the most out of it, combine the door and window sensor with other Silvergear Smart Home products. We suggest the Smart lighting: ideal to prevent you from hitting your shins in the dark when you enter the house with arms full of groceries.

There is a simple way to do this: by linking the door sensor to one or more lamps, you can instruct the sensor to switch on the lamps when the door opens. It's a great relief when you can walk straight to the kitchen through the illuminated hallway carrying all those groceries!

The link with Smart-lighting can also offer a solution in case of burglary. If, for example, you aim a spotlight at the front door and set it to switch on when the door opens, this can sometimes deter an intruder.

Want to learn more about how to turn your home into a smart home? Visit our blog here.

1. Why smart home security is such a good idea

2. Prevent digital burglary

In the box: 

  • Magnetic door and window sensor
  • Manual

Product specifications

Article code
Compatible with
iPhone and Android
Long battery life (battery included)
Works autonomously after setting your personal preferences once
Smart Life
2.4GHz (afstand tot 45 meter)
82x27x23 mm
5A/1A Mini USB
Download manual

Frequently asked questions about Smart door and window sensor

Yes, you can pair the door and window sensor with both iOS and Android devices.

No, the door and window sensor is only suitable for indoor use. The sensor is not water-resistant and therefore cannot withstand rain.

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Smart door and window sensor



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