Everyone has them every year: good resolutions! Lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, go to the gym. Or cancelling the gym because you never go. These are the most common resolutions that are made on 1 January each year. And since resolutions are easier to keep with a little help, we've picked out some great gadgets that will help you keep them!

Resolve 1: Move more

Everyone could do with some more exercise. Especially after a year like 2020 where we spent a lot of time at home. Maybe you want to lose weight and exercise more? Whatever your goal, we need a little push to get moving.

Track your progress with full body analysis

Smart scales make it super easy to monitor your weight and health. Whereas conventional scales only measure your weight, smart scales give you a full body analysis. Check, for example, your BMI, heart rate, true body age, visceral fat, muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. You will see exactly what you need to work on to become healthier. Download the accompanying app and simply read your results on your phone. Such an app also remembers your data. Handy, so you can keep track of your results and easily share them with others. A smart scale is the ideal stick for everyone with a sport and/or health goal!

Resolve 2: Be kind to your body

When was the last time you had a nice massage? A massage for stiff muscles is not only delicious, it's also important after an intense workout, for example.

Get your own masseur

By the way, you don't even need to go to a massage parlour or wellness resort for a nice massage. At home you can just as easily create your own home spa. With a massage gun with different settings you massage yourself, you don't need anyone else! With a powerful massage you stimulate the blood circulation and stiff muscles become supple again. Muscle pain becomes less intense and neck and back pains disappear. Your body will be very happy!

Resolve 3: Keep an eye on your blood pressure

Chances are that you do not often, if ever, check your blood pressure. Yet this is very important to keep an eye on. Excessively high blood pressure can lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke.

To measure is to know

By checking your blood pressure regularly, you can quickly and easily see whether everything is alright. Such a handy digital blood pressure meter can also immediately see whether your heartbeat is irregular. An irregular heartbeat can be a sign of a heart rhythm disorder. These are handy and especially important things to know. You want to start the new year healthy!

Resolve 4: Get more peace of mind

We live in a hurry, always busy busy busy. We work at home, but not everyone finds that easy. Especially with children at home, working at home can be very difficult. You have to be able to isolate yourself from your surroundings. But how do you do that when you are with several people in one room?

Goodbye noise, hello focus

A noise-cancelling headphone is ideal. Listen quietly to your music, audiobook, meeting or podcast without being disturbed by your surroundings. Stimuli decrease, your focus improves and you get more done. Noise cancelling headphones are also great for meditating. With your headphones on and sitting or lying in your favourite spot, you pull back for a moment and focus on the meditation music, voice or sounds without distraction.

Good intention 5: Boost your mood and energy

Does the dark and cold months also deplete your energy levels? You are certainly not the only one! Did you know that daylight and sunlight play an important role in your mood and energy level? But, unfortunately, the sun is not what we need in our Dutch winters. And now that we work at home in large numbers, we get out even less than before.

Bring the sunshine into your home

Fortunately, you don't have to sneak across the border to get some extra sunlight these days. With a daylight therapy lamp, you can mimic daylight indoors thanks to its high light intensity. This allows you to experience the positive feelings of a summer day and sleep better at night. Say goodbye to your gloomy mood!

Other handy health gadgets

Of course, there are more handy gadgets that can help you make your resolutions come true:

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